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Requesting transcripts
Common Application
Transferring back to Carroll
Universal transfer recommendations
Maryland Higher Education Commission transfer regulations


Requesting Transcripts

Submit a completed Transcript Request form with applicable fee.

  • In person: Records Office (A112)
  • Fax: 410-386-8446
  • Email:
  • Mail:
    Carroll Community College Records Office
    1601 Washington Road
    Westminster, MD 21157 

Unofficial transcripts are free and my be obtained from WebAdvisor. To login, you will need your Carroll student ID number. If you are requesting an unofficial transcript using the form, write "unofficial" at the top. Official transcripts are $2; unofficial transcripts are free. The form provides complete information about payment and submission directions. For more details, contact the Records Office at 410-386-8440 or

The Records Office strives to process transcript requests within 48 hours. Allow for additional time at the end of the term and during Priority Registration. 

You may request delayed processing by indicating "hold for grades" or "hold for posting of degree." Once your grades and/or degree have been posted, we will send your transcript to your receiving college or employer. This is the most speedy and  efficient way for us to fulfill your request.

For a transcript of coursework completed prior to our independence from Catonsville Community College in June 1993, contact the Community Colleges of Baltimore County, Catonsville Campus, Records Office, 443-840-2222.


Common Application

To send your transcripts in conjunction with the Common Application, print the forms and take them to Records or list your Counselor as Teresa Reyes, Records Specialist, Reyes processes all out-going transcripts. List a faculty or staff member, who knows you well, as your Recommender.


Transferring Back to Carroll

If you transfer from Carroll before graduating, you may transfer your credits back to Carroll to complete an associate degree. This process is known as Reverse Transfer.

By completing the Reverse Transfer section of the Carroll Transcript Request form, you authorize Carroll to request a transcript from your transfer institution. If you complete 15 Carroll credits, you may send four-year college credits back to fulfill the rest of your graduation requirements.

The Reverse Transfer section of the Transcript Request form allows for the following:

  • authorizes Carroll to obtain your official transcript from your transfer college
  • specifies your anticipated completion term of the outstanding courses at your transfer college
  • permits Carroll to graduate you

Speak to a Carroll adviser or Records Office staff to discuss reverse transfer opportunities.


Universal Transfer Recommendations

If you plan to transfer to a four-year college or university, you must meet the requirements of that institution. A grade of less than "C" may not be accepted by the transfer institution.

While Carroll grants credit for articulated credits under specific private agreements and for AP and CLEP based on specified minimum scores (see our catalog), your transfer destination may not honor our articulation agreement or require higher test scores. Consult the transfer institution's catalog for information about those requirements and consider re-testing or taking the course here to gain the desired credits.

Check transfer admission application requirements and deadlines for your receiving institution(s). You may be required to write an essay or forward information beyond your Carroll transcript.


Maryland Higher Education Commission Transfer Regulations

The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) has developed transfer policies for community college students transferring to other Maryland higher education institutions.

This policy allows for uninterrupted progress from one institution to another providing you with the maximum transferable credits and the same academic rules and regulations as if you enrolled at the four-year college. By state agreement, all general education courses will transfer. If you are planning to transfer within Maryland, consult ARTSYS or an adviser in the Advising and Transfer Center in room A102.

An overall grade point average of 2.0 is standard for admission and computed on grades received at all attended institutions unless you have earned an Associate of Arts degree. Certain programs require higher grade point averages. Credits transferred are normally limited to approximately one half the bachelor’s degree requirements, but no more than 70 credits.

During your last Carroll term, request official transcripts be sent to your intended transfer institution(s). Most colleges expect a transcript with your application (that is missing your final courses) and another transcript reflecting your complete Carroll history (posted with your final grades and degree). For assistance, contact the Records Office at 410-386-8440 or

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