Student Perspective: Josiah Guthland

Josiah GuthlandHigh School: Liberty High School, Colorado Springs, CO
Degree: A.A.S. customized transfer
Transfer/Career Plans: Senior at McDaniel College, Biochemistry


1. What’s one thing people might not know about Carroll?
I don’t think prospective students know that people at Carroll care. If you can, come to class and just talk to people who teach and work here, you'll feel the overwhelming sense of family and closeness that makes Carroll great.


2. Are there any on campus activities outside of classes?
There are literally hundreds of things to get involved in at Carroll. You can try out for a play, be in a jazz choir or join the STEM club. There is a club for almost every interest, and if they don't have a club that interests you, you can start your own club! 


3. Were you involved with any community or student organizations? Which ones and how did that affect your college experience?
I was really involved at Carroll; I was in the Honor Society, STEM club, Student Government Organization, the theatrical production of “RENT" and the Peer Mentor program. I was also selected to represent Carroll at the Maryland Higher Education Commission and was then selected to represent all Maryland Community Colleges. All of these opportunities affected me differently, but I would say that all of these organizations helped extend my appreciation of Carroll and its employees.


4. What surprised you most about Carroll?
How easy it is to get started. All I had to do was go in and say “I want to go to college here.” After a few weeks, I was a student and was signed up for classes.


5. What was your favorite learning moment at Carroll?
It was when I discovered that I was actually getting smarter. 


6. Where do you hang-out on campus?
It has to be K-building, near the food.


7. Describe the campus at Carroll.
It is big enough to hold all the classes, but not too big to get lost.


8. Do you have any advice for high school juniors and seniors as they embark on the college selection process?
Students should think about the education they are getting for the cost they are paying. If they plan it right, they'll more than likely realize Carroll is the best place for them.

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