Current SGO Membership

President: Jakub Smith -

Vice-President: Phill Stroh

Secretary: Claire Wink

Treasurer: Blair DuCray-Oppat

Senator: Kimar Duncan

Senator: Leah Irons

Senator: Tyler Jordan

Senator: Anna Rhodes

Senator: John Spafford

Advisor: Kristie Crumley,


Elections for five new student Senator seats occur in September and elections for five returning students occur in May.


Spring 2014 Elections

Application deadline: Friday, April 11 at 4 p.m. in A118
Interviews: Tuesday, April 22 at 3:30 in the Board Room (L090)
Forum: (sponsored by The Quill )  Tuesday, April 29 at 3:30 in L287

For information about SGO Board meetings, elections and sponsored events, contact any SGO member at 410-386-8460, stop by the Student Life Office (A118), or leave a message in any board member's mailbox.


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