Covering the Little Details

The following important details need to be addressed at the beginning of the semester. Familiarizing yourself with these details could spare you from long lines, fines and other inconveniences.

  • Parking Permits
    College parking lots are free.  However, the lots have designated spaces for faculty and staff, President and Vice Presidents and Student Government members. The college currently charges a $10 fine for parking in these spaces without proper identification.
  • Buying Your Books
    The Bookstore sells both new and used textbooks. Do not unwrap shrink-wrapped materials or mark in your books until you are sure that you have the right books and will not be changing your schedule. Be sure to hold on to your receipt, too.
  • ID Cards
    You receive your Student ID card at the New Student Orientation before semester classes begin. You can also pick up your ID card in the library during the first week of the semester. Your ID card allows for admission to college activities, borrowing library books, and some discounts at local businesses. Carry your ID card with you at all times.

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