SMART Scholars - Student Perspectives

Smart Scholars Program LogoIan Arthur – 2013 SMART Scholar: The SMART Scholars program showed me things that I never knew existed- not only in the STEM fields, but in myself. I learned what it meant to pursue a career in science and research, and the opportunities that are available to me. It was a valuable step towards my future.

2013 SMART ScholarsMatafe Foka – 2013 SMART Scholar: There is nothing as rewarding as the joy of being given the opportunity to have a foretaste of what you dream of as a career. Matthew Rhodes' quote will summarize my experience as a SMART Scholar, “Research is about engaging in a conversation with a brand.” The SMART Scholars program for me was about reading what others have done or found, identifying (or asking) other questions and investigating through trial and error, which not only provided an education, but fun as well.

Austin Murphy – 2012 and 2013 SMART Scholar: I don’t consider SMART Scholars a class; it’s an exploration into the research world. What I have acquired from SMART Scholars is much more than what can be taught in a typical classroom, a text book, or from a professor. SMART Scholars has not only widened my abilities, but it has also introduced me to the professional world.


Amanda Corbel – 2012 SMART Scholar: I am currently interning in a lab at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). During the SMART Scholars program, I learned to effectively read scientific papers and give a scientific presentation. This knowledge has helped me tremendously as an intern at the NCI.

2012 SMART ScholarsJessica Heiland – 2012 SMART Scholar: The SMART Scholars program gave me insight into the scientific research process as well as showed me how the chemistry and engineering thought process towards experimental design differ. SMART Scholars showed me what the power of collaboration, from two minds that think differently, can do towards solving a problem. I also met scientists that are currently working in the field and learned tools for resume building and networking that are invaluable in obtaining an internship and getting my "foot in the door."

Joshua Huffer – 2012 SMART Scholar: SMART Scholars helped me in more ways than one. Not only did I gain academic skills and knowledge, but the research I performed helped me with my internship at EVAPCO.


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