SMART Scholars - Benefits

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  • Independent study: The undergraduate research lab courses are independent study. Though, a supervising faculty member works around your schedule to mentor you and advise you on your role in the project.
  • Collaborative projects: With a team of other students, you work on a chemistry and engineering project. A faculty member mentor’s your team throughout the project.
  • Reinforces scientific concepts learned from other classes: The concepts you have learned in other STEM courses are utilized in your research.
  • Guest Speakers’ Series and networking: Opportunities are available to speak and network with STEM professionals to learn valuable career advice and internship openings. The professionals include, but are not limited to, faculty from four-year institutions and STEM industry professionals.
  • Students’ professional development: Workshops are offered in the area of career development as an undergraduate student.
  • Resume builder: Research experience shines on your resume when compared to those who have simply taken required undergraduate classes.
  • STEM Club activities: Fun and educational activities and service-learning experiences are available through the STEM Club.
  • Undergraduate Research Symposium: Build your presentation skills when you present your research findings to invited family members, friends, and select faculty and staff.
  • Recognition: Receive a certificate and a letter of recognition upon successful completion.
  • Strong recommendation letters: Recommendation letters by a supervising faculty mentor reflects well on your ability to work independently and as part of a team, your rigor and your skills for moving into a STEM career.
  • Clear career goals: By engaging in a hands-on scientific inquiry process, you are better able to determine your career goals.

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