Career Self-Assessment

Making decisions about a career path can be challenging. It is helpful to have knowledge about yourself, majors and career requirements. Taking assessments on interests, abilities, personality and values can provide you with options for identifying majors and career pathways that are best for you.



First, learn about careers using Focus 2. (see instructions below) The results are based on your:

  • Interests: knowing what you like and how you like to spend your time
  • Abilities: identifying your strengths, skills and talents
  • Values: defining what work tasks, environments and outcomes are important to you
  • Personality: how the work fits your decision style, organization and problems solving styles

Your assessment results are related to the Holland Code, which identifies six primary personality areas: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic (creativity) Social, Enterprising and Conventional. Each type is described in the results section.  For assistance in interpreting your results, contact the Career Development office.


Online Self-Assessment
  • Online self assessment of interests, abilities and values is available at Focus 2.  The access code for Carroll students is CareerStart. Complete the registration information and begin your assessment! When you return to Focus 2, you can use your created login and password.

 Other online assessment resources:

  • Iseek - Quick tool to rate 35 different skills
  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter - The Keirsey Temperament Sorter yields a Myers-Briggs Type.
  • Career One Stop - A site sponsored by federal government to assist in career assessment and information. It links directly to an interest profiler.
  • - Offers free online self directed search that gives you a Holland Interest code. The code can then be used to search occupations in Chronicle Guidance.
  • Career Key - Take an online interest test to discover your Holland Code, then link to the Guide to Occupational Exploration to review job descriptions. There is a cost. 


Exploring the Possibilities

Use your Self-Assessment results to start exploring your options.

  • People sharing similar interests, abilities and values tend to group into career areas.
  • As you review your results, you may be surprised by some of the identified job titles and by those that do not appear,yet interest you. Don’t worry! You can still search for the majors/careers of interest. You do not have to enter a career that does not interest you, even if it appears on the list.
  • If you would like assistance in interpreting your results, contact the Career Development Center at 410-386-8523 to schedule an appointment.


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