Check Your Progress Toward Graduation

Students who wish to check their degree status may sign onto WebAdvisor and use the Degree Audit feature. These instructions will prepare you for using this powerful feature.

When you go into the main page for WebAdvisor, you can click on the login tab on the right side of the page. WebAdvisor will prompt you to enter your username and password. There are instructions above the login which inform you what your username and password should be. Contact the Records Office if you need help with your login information.

Go into the Credit Student menu and choose Degree Audit from the list of options. At the degree audit prompt, your academic program will appear. If this is your desired academic program, click the box next to the program and click the Submit button. If you wish to do a degree audit for a different program, there is a drop-down menu under the title, "What if I changed my program of study?" You may select an alternate program from there, and then click Submit.

If you selected your current program of study, you will be taken to your unofficial degree audit. If you selected to view a changed program of study you will be prompted to pick a catalog year. Your catalog year is typically the year you entered Carroll Community College. Select the appropriate catalog year and hit Submit. This will take you to your unofficial degree audit. By referring to the degree audit, you can estimate your proximity to degree completion.

You may access your Degree Audit at any time. Remember, you must submit an official change of degree form if you wish to change your program of study. You can pick up a change of degree form in the Advising and Transfer Center (A-102).


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