Hill Scholars - Admissions Requirements

Students in the Hill Scholars Program comprise high school's highest achieving students, as well as motivated non-traditional students.

Potential Hill Scholars are invited to apply to the program by completing an application and supplying basic educational information. Students are accepted to the program on the basis of grade point average in their college-preparation courses, teacher or guidance counselor recommendations, an admissions essay, standardized test scores (SAT, AP, etc.) and satisfactory performance on the college's placement tests including math, reading and writing. 

Students admitted to the Hill Scholars program have competitive SAT scores (550+ for mathematics, writing and critical reading recommended). Advanced Placement and ACT scores are also considered. Students either rank in the top 15% of their graduating class or have a cumulative high school grade point average of 3.2.

Students' course load, academic achievement, extra curricular and leadership activities are strong factors in the admissions process. Hill Scholars are students who have distinguished themselves from their peers by their academic success and their commitment to activities outside of the classroom.

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