Your First Advising Session

The Online Pre-Advising Session is a self-paced tutorial that provides key information prior to your one-on-one meeting with an Academic Adviser. It provides you with a better understanding about academic planning and your first term's registration. The session provides the following information:

  • an explanation of placement test results
  • an understanding of General Education requirements
  • academic planning - your degree program requirements
  • how to search and register for classes using WebAdvisor
  • a brief introduction to transfer planning

You can access the online session after you have completed your placement testing. Allow one-and-one-half hours for the session, including time to meet with an adviser and register for classes.

Prior to meeting with an academic adviser, you will complete a ten question quiz on the material covered in the online session, and build a schedule of classes using WebAdvisor's Search for Classes module. Be prepared to show documentation of your successful quiz score.

As a new student, you must meet with an Academic Adviser to have your registration choices approved, at which time you are given immediate access to register online.

If you have a transcript documenting the successful completion of at least 12 academic credits (four courses), you are not required to complete the Online Pre-Advising Session.

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