Library – Maps, Atlases, & Satellite Imagery

  • A to Z Maps Online - database of maps including: world, continent, country, state, and various thematic maps. 7 digit College ID number needed for remote access.
  • Baltimore City iMap  - easily navigable city government site gives access by address, intersection, neighborhoods.  Map can be overlaid with historic districts, council districts, and more. Features such as hospitals, libraries, museums, parks, etc. are available by clicking on the information button and zooming in on the map.
  • Countries and Their Cultures - focuses on countries and cultures from around the world, with an emphasis on what is and is not shared culturally by the people who live in a particular country. Includes maps as well as demographic, historical, cultural, economic, religious, and political information. 7 digit College ID number needed for remote access.
  • Mapping History  - sponsored by the University of Oregon.  Site has attractive printable historical maps in color which cover political, cultural, and historical events in American, European, and Latin American history. Some maps are interactive/animated and may require Shockwave software.
  • Maryland State Data Center  - provides 2000 and 1990 census maps, redistricting and zip code maps including thematic maps of population and social and economic indicators such as educational attainment, poverty, etc. Some county maps. Others are statewide.
  • MapMachine - Located on the National Geographic website.  Detailed color printable maps.  Searchable by region, country, state, place, zip code, address or by clicking on the map and zooming. Road, satellite, physical, and theme (farming, conservation, weather, natural disasters, etc.) maps available for many locations. Additional section of basic black and white printable maps for regions, countries, and states.  May be slow to load.
  • Mapquest - database of maps with driving directions.
  • NASA's Earth Observatory  - site makes available satellite imagery and scientific information about the earth.  Focus on climate and environmental change.
  • National Atlas of the United States - an extensive, interactive collection of maps which illustrate social, cultural, and environmental aspects of the nation.
  • Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection - maps from all over the world are contained in this University of Texas site; it includes historical, physical, and political maps as well as maps that help to illustrate current events.
  • Show USA - generates cartograms that give various states prominence based on thematic characteristics.
  • topozone - commercial site provides topographical maps from the U.S. Geological Survey.  Searchable by state, county, place name, coordinates, and longitude and latitude.  Fast and easy to use.  Some maps and features (including street address searching) are only available by subscription or for purchase.
  • U.S. Census Bureau Maps  - maps link on lower left navigation bar leads to either thematic maps with data on housing, economic, and vital statistics or boundary maps for things like census tracts, blocks, and congressional districts.


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