Ways to Make A Gift

There are a number of ways to contribute to the vitality of the college and community through the Carroll Community College Foundation.

Even Carroll's modest annual tuition is beyond the reach of many students without financial assistance. Books, childcare and transportation add to the total cost of financing an education.

Scholarships are needed to guarantee educational opportunities are within the reach for students of all ages.


Cash Donations

Gifts of cash are available for immediate use by our Foundation and are usually fully deductible for donors who itemize deductions. This means your actual out of pocket expense is less because of the allowable tax deduction. Checks should be made payable to the Carroll Community College Foundation. Payments are also accepted through all major credit cards and can be done online.

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

Make a donation via credit card now


Matching Gifts

Many businesses match the personal gifts to educational institutions made by their employees, board members, retirees and their family members. Check any organizations with which you and/or family members are affiliated to determine whether your gift may be matched - effectively doubling the power of your personal giving.


Stocks and Bonds

Gifts of appreciated mutual funds, stocks and certain bonds may enable donors to contribute a larger gift at less cost. Transferring gifts of securities, stocks and bonds to the Foundation is easy and can provide significant tax benefits through income tax deduction as well as elimination of capital gains taxes. Instruct your broker to contact us to ensure that the crediting of your gift is handled effectively and efficiently.



Pledges provide a longer-term commitment over a designated period of time based upon an agreed upon schedule. Pledges cannot be claimed as a tax deduction until the gift is actually made. The Foundation Office administers all pledges, sending acknowledgments, receipts and future reminders.


Planned Giving

Planned Giving enables you to make significant contributions that might not be possible during your lifetime. You may include the Carroll Community College Foundation in your will by leaving a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount or by naming the Foundation as residual beneficiary of your estate. Consult your attorney or other estate planning professional to ensure proper execution of your planned gift. Communication with the Foundation's Executive Director ensures that we administer your gift consistently with your wishes.


Life Insurance

A gift of a life insurance policy provides a wonderful legacy to the college. Transfer actual ownership of a policy, perhaps one that is no longer needed for its original purpose, or buy a new policy for the college’s benefit. Consult with your insurance professional to learn of the types of insurance gifts you can make.


Retirement Savings

You may name the Carroll Community College Foundation as beneficiary of a portion of your retirement savings. Please contact your investment advisor for further details.


Gifts of Real Estate

A gift of appreciated real estate can provide a charitable tax deduction and elimination of capital gains tax. The Foundation liquidates gifts of real estate immediately. Contact our Executive Director if you are considering this method of giving. You should also consult your tax advisor.


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