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Operating System Windows XP, VISTA, 7 or Mac OS 10 or higher
Memory 256 MB of RAM minimum
Hard Drive Space 20 GB free disk space minimum

See supported browsers in combination with operating systems in the chart below.

Download FireFox Goggle Chrome Windows 9 or Safari for Mac


Microsoft Office Products
or other with appropriate conversions to MS format Purchasing discount for credit students


Viewers for files made with Microsoft Products (PC only): Download Converters and Viewers

Microsoft Windows Media Player

Current version of Flash and Java

Modem 56.6 kbps or higher speed (High speed connection recommended)
Printer Graphics-capable (inkjet or laser) printer (color optional)
CD-DVD Yes, typically required
Sound Card Yes, typically required
Monitor 15” monitor (800 x 600 resolution) minimum

 Key to chart below

  • Certified - fully tested and supported
  • Compatible - key application areas tested
  • Unsupported - browser not supported/updated by Microsoft or Apple
  • Provisional -  future technologies considered supported by Blackboard Support
Microsoft Windows
  Internet Explorer 9 Internet Explorer 8

Firefox         (Final Release Channel)

Google Chrome   (Stable Channel)
Windows XP   (32-bit) Unsupported  Unsupported Compatible Compatible Compatible
Windows Vista (32-bit) Unsupported Certified Compatible Certified Compatible
Windows Vista(64-bit) Unsupported Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible
Windows 7     (32-bit) Provisional Certified Compatible Certified Certified
Windows 7      (64-bit) Provisional Certified Compatible Certified Certified
Windows 8    (32-bit) Compatible Unsupported Unsupported Certified Certified
Windows 8    (64-bit) Certified Unsupported Unsupported Certified Certified


Apple Mac OS
  Safari 6.0.1 Safari 5.1 Safari 5.0 Safari 4.0 Firefox (Final Release Channel) Google Chrome (Stable Channel)
Mac OSX 10.6   Unsupported Certified Certified Compatible Certified Certified
Mac OSX 10.7

Certified (10.7.5)

Certified Unsupported Unsupported Certified Certified
Mac OSX 10.8 Certified(10.8.2) Certified Unsupported Unsupported Certified Certified

This information was reproduced from  Browser Support for SP11 SP9.

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