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Faculty Advisor: Maggie Ball · Phone: 410-386-8256 · Email:

A Letter of Recognition is available in Art History. The student is required to take three of the following courses (9 credits) for completion. These courses will provide a solid background in the history of art, images and associated philosophies.

This Letter has been formulated for the student who is looking for entry preparation into the field of gallery/museum work or museum studies. This package is also recommended for those in the graphic design field who wish to enhance their work with a larger grasp of cultural iconography and its impact and increase their awareness of historical images as source material.


Letter Requirements:
 ART-125  Art Appreciation  3 credits
 ART-135  Art of the Western Word, Prehistoric  - 1300   3 credits
 ART-136  Art of the Western World 1300 - Present   3 credits
  Total Credits   9


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