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Letters of Recognition

Faculty Advisor: Maggie Ball · Phone: 410-386-8256 · Email:

A Letter of Recognition is available in Visual Art, Studio. The student is required to take three of the following courses (9 credits) for completion. Either series of course choices will provide a fundamental proficiency in the related media of those applied arts. The Art Appreciation lecture component serves as a unifying overview in the theory and history of visual art and design.

This Letter has been formulated for the student who is looking for quick preparation when heading for a visual art related career, but who is not committed to, or who does not need a degree program. This Letter is also directed toward students/professionals in the field of computer graphics who need a solid design enhancement package.


Recommended for commercial and graphic design careers:

Letter Requirements
 ART-105   2-D Design  3 credits
 ART-115  Color  3 credits
 Program Elective  ART-110, 3-D Design; ART-125, Art 
 or CGR-105, Introduction to
 Computer Graphics
 3 credits
   Total Credits   9

Recommended for fine art/art therapy/decorating careers: 

Letter Requirements
 ART-120  Drawing 1  3 credits
 ART-130  Painting 1  3 credits
 Program Elective  ART-110 ,3-D Design; ART-115, Color or
 ART-125, Art Appreciation
 3 credits
   Total Credits   9


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