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Psychology - Arts and Sciences Transfer Recommendation

Program Information:

Associate of Arts

Faculty Advisors: Laura Bittner / Dr. Teresa Sawyer · Phone: 410-386-8257/ 410-386-8216 · Email: /

The Psychology - Arts and Sciences transfer program provides students with knowledge and skills related to the psychological and emotional needs of individuals; basic terminology; major theories; and insight into psychological development. By using the online ARTSYS program, students can plan a course of study that will transfer seamlessly to an upper division school of choice. See page 37 of the 2015 - 2016 College Catalog for information about the psychology honor society, Psi Beta.

Recommended Program Electives (any 29 elective credits required for graduation)
 HIST-102  Western Civilization 2  3 credits
 PSYC-107  Positive Psychology  3 credits
 PSYC-201  Abnormal Psychology  3 credits
 PSYC-205  Social Psychology  3 credits
 PSYC-210  Human Development Through the Life Span  3 credits
 PSYC-235  Introduction to Helping and Counseling Skills  3 credits
 PHIL-101  Introduction to Philosophy  3 credits
   Refer to ARTSYS and the receiving institution's
 catalog to select transferable courses 
 8 credits
General Education Requirements
 Arts and Humanities 
 (HIST-101, Western Civilization 1, recommended)
 6 credits
 Biological and Physical Sciences 
 (BIOL-101, Fundamentals of Biology 1, recommended)
 7 - 8 credits
 Emerging Issues  3 credits
 English Composition and Literature  6 credits
 (MATH-115, Introduction to Statistical Methods,
 3 - 5 credits
 Social and Behavioral Sciences 
 (PSYC-101, General Psychology, recommended)
 3 credits
 Social and Behavioral Sciences 
 (SOC-101, Introduction to Sociology, recommended)
 3 credits
 Total Credits   60

Diversity/ World View requirement met (ENGL-102).

The Carroll diploma will specify the degree conferred (i.e. Associate of Arts). Students may take 29 credits from any subject to fulfill Carroll graduation requirements and work toward transfer-college course requirements. Arts and Sciences recommendation program titles (i.e. Psychology) will not appear on the Carroll transcript or diploma.

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