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Nursing - Registered Nurse Track

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 Associate of Science

Faculty Advisor: Nancy Perry • Phone: 410-386-8231 • Email:

The Associate Degree Nursing Program has been approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing. After completing pre-clinical requirements, students will complete four terms of clinical study. A minimum grade of C is required in all courses in the nursing program and science courses must be completed within 5 years of entering the clinical courses. This program admits students selectively; review the admissions procedures and requirements. Minimum entrance GPA is 2.500.

This plan of study prepares the student for the national licensure examination for registered nursing (NCLEX-RN).

* Within the last five years
= Within five years of BIOL-210 and BIOL-215
# Must have a minimum grade of C


Pre-clinical Requirements
   Arts and Humanities
 (ENGL-102, -201, -202, -211 or -240, required)
 3 credits
   Arts and Humanities 
 (from Fine or Performing Arts or
 Communications areas, required)
 3 credits
 # =BIOL-101  Biological and Physical Sciences  4 credits
 # BIOL-210  Biological and Physical Sciences  4 credits
 # ENGL-101  English Composition and Literature  3 credits
 # MATH-115  Mathematics  4 credits
 # PSYC-101  Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
 # SOC-101  Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
 *# BIOL-211  Human Anatomy and Physiology 2  4 credits
 *# BIOL-215  Microbiology  4 credits
 # PSYC-210  Human Development Through the Life Span  3 credits
Clinical Requirements
 # NURS-131   Health Assessment  1 credit
 # NURS-132   Medication Administration  2 credits
 # NURS-133   Nursing Concepts 1  5 credits
 # NURS-140   Nursing Concepts 2  9 credits
 # NURS-233   Nursing Concepts 3  8 credits
 # NURS-242   Nursing Concepts Clinical 4  7 credits
   Total Credits   70

Diversity/ World View requirement met (NURS-133, NURS-140, NURS-233, NURS-242 and SOC-101).



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