Academic Program - Music

Mission Statement

The mission of the Music program is to equip graduates with both the musical and theoretical skills essential for transfer into four-year institutions. Students are provided with performance opportunities, theoretical and historical studies, and one on one applied studies with faculty that are experts in their field. Graduates will become critical thinkers, advanced performers, and will have learned to critique musical performances and compositions.

Program Goals

  • Goal 1: The students will demonstrate the development of musical performance skills to commensurate to their level of experience.
  • Goal 2: The students will demonstrate critical writing skills as it applies to the critique of musical performance.
  • Goal 3: The students will demonstrate music theory through the creation and analysis of musical compositions.
  • Goal 4: The students will demonstrate an aural application of music theory.
  • Goal 5: The students will demonstrate a keyboard application of music theory.




Program Contact

Scott Gore

Divistion Chair, Fine & Performing Arts

DepartmentFine & Performing Arts 
Phone410 386-8467 

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