Academic Program - Humanities

Mission Statement

The interdisciplinary humanities program (including foreign language, history, and philosophy) is concerned with the broad range of human expression, ideas, and values. The overall goal of the study of humanities is to provide a basis in the questions and concepts that have influenced people throughout recorded history and have helped to shape the conditions of our lives today. This inquiry further is designed to provide a foundation for making meaningful decisions and for providing literary, aesthetic, and intellectual enrichment.

Program Goals

  • Goal 1: Comprehension - Students will be able to employ concepts and terminology of the discipline in appropriate contexts.
  • Goal 2: Recognize Patterns and Connections - Students will be able to examine connections between individuals, organizations, cultures, and the natural environment.
  • Goal 3: Diversity - Students will be able to demonstrate awareness of different cultures and perspectives.
  • Goal 4: Critical Assessment - Students will be able to analyze theories, competing explanations of events and behaviors, and character studies.
  • Goal 5: Problem Solving - Students will be able to identify a practical issue, examine it by employing skills and materials and critically arrive at an informed conclusion.




Program Contact

Robert Young

Department Chair, Humanities

Phone410 386-8261 

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