Academic Program - Engineering

Mission Statement

The mission of the Associate of Science in Engineering (ASE) - Electrical Engineering program is to provide students a broadly based yet rigorous education in the fundamental subjects central to the field in order to prepare them for attaining their Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree at a four-year university. The program will provide the opportunity for students to gain an appreciation for the engineering profession and the creativity necessarily associated with engineering design activities. This will be accomplished in an environment that fosters a spirit of intellectual inquiry, the development of problem-solving skills, and proficiency with state-of-the-art technology at a level commensurate with the requirements of the engineering courses.

Program Goals

A comprehensive set of Program Goals comprise the knowledge and skills our students are expected to possess by the time they graduate in order to transfer to a 4-year engineering program at a Maryland, or other institution of higher learning, and successfully pursue a baccalaureate engineering degree. Carroll Community College’s Engineering Program strives to produce graduates who:

  1. have acquired a broad foundation of relevant mathematical, scientific, and basic engineering knowledge.
  2. can apply core electrical engineering technical knowledge to development, analysis, and testing of electrical circuits and systems.
  3. can explain and engage effectively in the creative engineering design process via integration and application of diverse technical knowledge to develop practical solutions to identified needs.
  4. understands the collaborative nature of the engineering profession and can interact productively with others by engaging effectively in teamwork on group projects.
  5. can explain the relationship between engineering and society, an engineer’s obligations to employers, society, and their fellow engineers, and recognize ethical issues resulting from the impact of engineering solutions on society.




Program Contact

Maria Burness

Division Chair, Mathematics & Engineering

DepartmentMathematics & Engineering 
Phone410 386-8526 

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