General Education Requirements

Students who enroll in a Carroll degree program will complete a core of courses referred to as General Education. This course distribution is intended to ensure that students have met the General Education Learning Goals. These General Education courses are transferable to all two and four year public institutions (and many private institutions) in Maryland and are guaranteed so in the Maryland State Transfer Policies.

While technology competency is not part of the General Education core, students are expected to be familiar with computers and to use technology within their courses. Students are encouraged to complete either CIS-101, Introduction to Computer Technologies, or MIS-101, Management Information Systems.

**It is strongly recommended that all students complete both a mathematics and English course within their first 12 credit hours. To ensure maximum success, mathematics and English courses should be taken during consecutive terms until the sequence is completed. All students must have begun their English and mathematics sequences by completion of their first 24 credit hours or registration will be blocked until the student meets with an academic advisor to see if exemption from this policy is in order.


English Composition and Literature

Choose 2 courses (six credits):

Biological and Physical Sciences

Choose 2 courses, 1 of which must be a lab course (7-8 credits)

Arts and Humanities

Choose two courses from 2 different areas (6 credits)

Fine and Performing Arts Area
Humanities Area
Language and Communication Area

Choose one course (3-5 credits):

Social and Behavioral Science

Choose two courses from two different disciplines (6 credits):

Emerging Issues

Choose one course (3 credits):

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