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MUSIC-103, History of Classical Music

Credits: 3

Course Description

MUSIC-103, History of Classical Music, is a survey of Western art music from its origins in Classical Greek culture through the Modern era. Students successfully completing this class will understand the historical processes through which musical styles begin, grow, mature, and decline; will be able to recognize and identify the elements that define specific styles and style periods in the tradition of Western Art Music; will understand and be able to use the terminology associated with each style period; and will be familiar with the contributions of important individuals active in specific styles and style periods. Prerequisite: ENG-097 and READ-099. Three hours lecture each week. Three credits. Three billable hours. GENERAL EDUCATION Offered Spring and Fall terms.

Course Objectives and Grading Information


1: Examine some of the formative ideas and cultural traditions that have shaped Western experience. (GE 6) 

2: Analyze creative works of various mediums both in the arts and technology from the viewpoints of cultural meanings and influence. (GE 5, GE 6) 

3: Inspect historical traditions by using humanistic methods of studying and interpreting them. (GE 4, GE 6) 

4: Recognize how the interaction of tradition and innovation nourishes artistic creation. (GE 2, GE 6) 

5: Accrue perspective upon one's own culture by studying other historical periods and other cultural traditions. (GE 6, GE 7) 

6: Participate in cultural events and activities on campus, in the classical arts. GE 5, GE 7) 

7: Comprehend how the artists or designers who produce events and works have shaped their ideas. (GE 2, GE 6) 

8: Study selected classic works of music. (GE 2, PG 3) 

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