Nursing Programs

Carroll offers Nursing programs that allow students to enroll in degree and certificate programs. There is a selective admission process.

Nursing offers a variety of options beginning with the two basic fields of licensed practical nurse (LPN) and registered nurse (RN). Registered Nurses require specialized knowledge, judgment and skills to practice nursing. Licensed Practical Nurses work with registered nurses and physicians in providing basic bedside care. Maintaining health and preventing illness is the goal of all nursing care.

Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses function within the scope of practice as outlined in the Maryland Nurse Practice Act. 

The clinical portion of the Associate Degree Nursing program can be completed in four semesters. The Practical Nursing Certificate program needs to be completed in the first and second term and an additional summer term. You may exit the nursing program as Practical Nurses and re-enter into the Associate Degree Nursing program within two years from the date of Practical Nursing program completion. Refer to the Admissions information for more information.




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