Liability and Disclaimer

Carroll's Bookstore obtains the most current, accurate textbook information. Textbook information is provided directly from faculty, so you can feel confident with purchasing the required textbook(s) - you have our guarantee.

The Bookstore provides information on course textbooks and materials used for Carroll's courses as submitted by the faculty and believed to be correct at the time of publication. However, textbooks and prices may change as new information is received from faculty and suppliers.

Carroll's Bookstore corrects errors and allows refunds on textbooks within published policy limits. For example, if you purchase a textbook from the Bookstore and find it was listed on our shelf tag incorrectly, you may take the textbook with the original receipt to the Bookstore for a full refund.

The Bookstore is not responsible for any damages that may be caused by errors in information posted on its Web site, delays in processing orders, or errors and delays by any third party in the processing or delivery of orders. It is also not responsible for damages or correcting errors on textbooks or merchandise not purchased from the Bookstore.
The Bookstore reserves the right to:

  • Limit all course material transactions to those students enrolled in the course for which the course materials are intended; proof of enrollment may be required.
  • Limit quantities of course materials purchased or quantities of course materials returned through refund and buyback transactions 
  • Request additional forms of identification beyond what is already required for financial transactions

Choosing new, used or rental textbooks are a preference only, and do not reflect the Bookstore's textbook stock. Carroll's Bookstore reserves the right to substitute new for used textbooks and used for new textbooks if the titles you requested are not available in that condition. If a new textbook is substituted for a used textbook, you will be charged the new textbook price; likewise, if a used textbook is substituted for a new textbook you will be charged the used textbook price. By completing and submitting an online order, you agree to these terms. We regret that we are unable to notify you in advance of any changes to an order.

Credit Students:

If you find a term or a course is not listed when searching for your textbooks, check back - the course list may be in the process of being updated. Only courses which show "no text required" when selected do not require textbooks.

Non-Credit Students:

Courses requiring course textbooks and materials are identified in the non-credit class schedule. Courses that do not require textbooks or materials will not appear on the Bookstore's Web site.

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