Blackboard Faculty Manual - Testing

Step 3: Add a Link to the Test in the Content Area and Make the Test Available for Students

  1. In order to make the test available for students you must go to the content area where you want the link to appear. (For example, go to the assignments area).
  2. Click on “+ Test”.
  3. Choose from the list of tests presented and click on submit.
  4. You will get a message that the test was successfully added.
  5. Click on “Modify the test options” on the next screen.
  6. Choose the availability options you want here.
    • Let the "open test in new window" option set at "no."  Why?  If the student has a pop-up blocker installed  the new window containing the test will be blocked on her or his computer, but will be recognized as an attempt by Bb.
    • Be sure to answer “yes” to “Make the link visible?” This makes the test available to students. 
    • Make your selections for the remaining options.  Note: the timed feature does NOT prohibit the student from going over the time. It merely gives the student a notice that time is almost up.
    • TIP:  Consider checking "one at a time" as the "presentation mode."  Why?  If a test is presented "all at once" there is an increased chance that she or he might get "kicked of the internet" by her or his internet provider because no wed activity is recorded while the test is being taken.  Having the questions presented one at a time does add and extra click since each answer must be submitted, but at least the whole test will not be lost if the student gets kicked offline.
  7. Click on “submit”
  8. When the students take the exam, it will be automatically graded and the resulting grade will be automatically entered into the gradebook.  If you do not want the item included in the Bb gradebook (for example, a practice quiz) do the following:   
    • Locate the item in the gradebook;
    • Click on the title of the item at the top of the collumn;
    • Click on "item information";
    • Check "No" for "Include item in gradebook score calculations. 
    • Submit

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