Blackboard Faculty Manual - Overview of Features

Overview of Features

Blackboard is customizable and should be designed to best support the learning in your particular course/section.  All of these features are modifiable (including the names and positioning of the items).

Announcements – Where students “land” upon entry into course site. This is where you will post current announcements relating to the course.

Course Information – Where you can put important information about the course. This can be a place to put the course syllabus, course calendar, and how to navigate this course.

Staff Information – Where you put your contact information.

Course Documents – Where you can put documents such as worksheets and study guides.

Assignments – Where you can put assignments and tests.

Communication – Where you will find functions that allow you and all students in the course to communicate. Areas of interaction might include email, a discussion board, a chat room or virtual classroom, and group pages.

Discussion board – Where direct access to the discussion board. It is included also in the communication area (above).

External links – Where you can put links to web sites that support the learning in the course.

Tools – Where students can access information such as their grades in the course (this is not the official college grade reporting system), the digital drop box, and student homepages.


Check out the Faculty Resources tab when you login to Bb with your faculty Bb username.  

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