Blackboard Faculty Manual - Essential Information about Bb

Essential information for instructors about Blackboard (Bb) at Carroll

Bb is only one of three electronic systems operating at Carroll that instructors will be using:

  1. iweb - non-public intranet web site for faculty and staff only. Here you will access your college email and WebAdvisor.
  2. WebAdvisor/Datatel - the official records system for the college where official rosters are located and final course grades are entered
  3. Blackboard (Bb) - the electronic course management system where instructors facilitate learning for a particular course.

NOTE:  There is some integration from WebAdvisor/Datatel into Bb exists so that Bb course sites are automatically created, instructors given access to appropriate Bb course sites, and student rosters are kept current.

How Bb works:

Faculty login

Your Bb username will be: first name, last name, and last four (4) digits of your College/employee ID Number. (Almost always this will be the same as your WebAdvisor login.)

Your Bb password will be:  full seven (7) digit College/employee ID Number.  The Faculty Associate in your department will provide that number to you shortly after you are hired.  Your College/employee number is on your pay notice.  You might need to add zeroes (0) to the beginning of your ID Number to meet the required seven (7) digits.  

The sample College ID card below has the College ID number circled in red.

College ID card with ID number circled

For example:  janedoe4567 is your username, and 1234567 is your default password.  

  • You are encouraged to change your password once after you login for the first time with the default password.  Click on "personal information" in the Tools area of your MyCarroll (Welcome) Bb homepage; click "change password"; key in a new password twice (remember to write it down!); click submit. 

Getting Bb course sites

  • A new Bb course site will be automatically created within 24 hours of the official faculty assignment for each course section you are teaching .  Official faculty assignments are made by appropriate division chairs or program coordinators.   
  • You will be provided with a course site shell. The course design and loading of content are the responsibility of individual faculty. (Possible exception:   A supervising faculty member might provide an adjunct instructor with a partially or fully prepared Bb course site.)
  • You will be given access to the Bb Faculty Resource course.  A link to the course will appear on your MyCarroll (Welcome) page.  The purpose of this "course" is to give you an orientation to Bb and demonstrate basic functions that you might consider using in the design of your Bb course sites.
  • Any Bb course site that you have been given as instructor are fully viewable to you, but unavailable to students.  However, all Bb course sites will automatically be made available to registered students on the first scheduled day of the course or one week prior for distance learning courses.     You have the option of opening your own Bb course site earlier if you want. 

Other important points

  • All email generated from students to you within Bb will be delivered into your mailbox. 
  • Login in a classroom situation:  You should login to Bb prior to turning on a classroom projector or make sure to hit the "no picture" button on the projector remote before logging in.
  • Always logout when you are finished using Bb. The logout icon is on the very top of your screen in the center of the black area. This is particularly important if you are using a public computer.

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