Blackboard Faculty Manual - Digital Drop Box

The Digital Drop Box

Please check out more information on using Carroll's Blackboard by clicking into the Faculty Bb Resource tab after you login to Bb.  

The digital drop box function is available for use when collecting student generated files (such as papers). The digital drop box provides a shared area where students and instructors can store and exchange digital files.  Students are able to send files to the instructor; the instructor can retrieve and review those files, then return them to the student. 


The digital drop box does not allow sharing of files among students.  While it functions somewhat like an email with attachment, some instructors like it because it provides a collection site within the Bb course site. It provides a quick way for you, as the instructor, to see which student submitted the assignment or paper and when.

Enabling the Digital Drop Box

Enable the digital drop box function from the manage course menu in one of the following ways: (Consider using the second method if you want to consolidate a number of Tools functions into one menu item.)

Method 1 (This will allow you to create a menu item that will take students directly into the function.)
  • Click into "manage course menu" from the control panel
  • Click “Tool Link” in the “Add” row available at the top of the manage course menu page

    • Select “Dropbox” from the drop down menu
    • Submit. NEXT,
  • Locate “Tools” in the listing of available menu areas
    • Click on modify to the right of “Tools”
    • Scroll down to the Digital Dropbox tools availability
    • Click available
    • Make all other tools unavailable (unless you are going to create "buttons" for other tool functions.)
    • Unclick the "Tool" for availability to user/participants.  (This will allow for the "Dropbox" menu item to show on the course menu without having a second access via another menu item labeled "Tools.") 


Method 2:  This will allow you to consolidate a number of Bb tools functions under one menu item.  It will then present students with a number of secondary tool areas from which to chose.
    • Click into "manage course menu" from the control panel
  • Locate “Tools” in the listing of available menu areas
  • Click on modify to the right of “Tools”
  • Select "dropbox" as one of the tools functions that you want students to have access to (Please remember to remove the check from any tools functions that you do not plan on using.) 
  • Make sure check is in the make available to user/participants box
  • Submit


Retrieving a student's work.

Submitted student files can be retrieved by doing the following:

  • Control panel; Course Tools; Digital Drop box; click on file
  • Note: The date and time displayed in each instance is not the date and time on the user’s machine, rather, it is the date and time on the Bb server.


Assisting students know how to use the Digital Drop Box


If you plan to use the Digital Drop Box you will need to  provide clear instructions to students on how it works. Basics instructions would include:

  1. Complete the assignment on a file outside of Bb and save to your computer or a portable storage devise (disk, CD, memory stick)
  2. From within your Bb course, click the Tools button (or you would have the students click on  Digital Drop Box if you had applied method one (above) when setting up the Digital Drop Box)
  3. Click on Digital Drop Box
  4. Click on the "Send File" button, type in the title, click on Browse, and locate the file for upload  NOTE: Students can go directly into "Send File" without first adding it.  “Add File”only uploads the file into your (the student's personal Drop box).  The file is not viewable by anyone else.  Files that are added to the Drop Box but not sent will show the date and time posted. Remember, the file is not sent to the instructor by only adding it to the Drop Box. This is only a storage site.  Files saved in the "Add File" area can be modified, removed, or sent (See below.)
  5. Double click on the file name to have it deposited into the drop box (The file name and path should appear in the Browse field.)
  6. Click "Submit" (Files sent to the instructor will show the date and time submitted.)  NOTE:  Only the instructor can remove a sent file prior to grading. 


To send an added (saved) file:

If you have saved a file in the Digital Drop Box and are ready to submit to the instructor, click on the "Send File" button, select the file from those previously uploaded by clicking on the "Select file" dropdown menu.  Click Submit.


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