Blackboard Faculty Manual - Course Panel

Step 6: Viewing student roster and student email addresses

Please check out more information on using Carroll's Blackboard by clicking into the Faculty Bb Resource tab after you login to Bb.  

Student names automatically be added and removed for the Bb course roster within one day of official registration or drop.  To review the student roster [control panel; user management; list/modify users; click "search"].  Remember, students might be listed on the Bb student roster, but they do not have access to the course site until it is either automatically opened to student view or your give early access.


Importance of student email address in the Bb roster.  Carroll does not provide students with email accounts, so it is crucial that they are collected.  You should verify which of the students in your Bb course sites has not submitted an email address to Carroll.  When you view the student roster (above) you will quickly see which students have no email address listed beside their names.  That means that while they will be able to email you, you will be unable to email or reply to them via email.  An announcement will be  placed on all Carroll Bb course sites in the first week of a semester instructing students how to verify/update/submit a good email.  You are encouraged to make additional note about the importance of their doing this. 

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