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Step 2: Posting an announcement

Please check out more information on using Carroll's Blackboard by clicking into the Faculty Bb Resource tab after you login to Bb.
  • Click on Announcements in the Course Tools section of the Control Panel
  • Click on Add Announcement

Announcement Information

Subject Enter a subject for the announcement. This is what will appear as the title of the announcement on the Announcement page. A subject is required.
Message Enter the announcement by either typing directly into the field or copy and paste text from another word processing document. Select a text type from the following options:
  • Smart Text: Automatically recognizes a link entered in the text box. Smart text recognizes the ENTER key as a paragraph tag and accepts HTML tags as well.
  • Plain Text: Displays text as written.
  • HTML: Displays text as coded using HTML tags.


*Always show this announcement on the course's main page Select Yes and the announcement will always appear on the Announcements area in the course.

Select No and the announcement will appear on the Announcements area for 7 days before being moved behind the front screen in the 7 – 30 day tab.

Make wise use of the “always show this announcement on the course’s main page.”

The first announcement that student’s see should be a current, fresh one. This should be used for dynamic instructor presence.

Restrict dates to show this announcement Select the range of dates that the announcement will appear. Select dates using the drop-down lists or click on the icon for a calendar interface.

To display an announcement from a date forward,

select a date in the first date field but do not select the Display Until option.

To display an announcement for a specific amount of time

select a date in the first date field, check Display Until, and select a date below.

Watch video on how to create an announcement at Polytechnic State University)

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