Diversity/World View Committee Members

The Diversity/World View Committee develops and recommends objectives and strategies to meet related long-range goals, and assists the college with staff development and other activities for promoting awareness and enhancing Diversity/World View competencies. The committee also assists with assessing the progress on related goals and objectives.

Committee Members
Steering Team
  • Chair - Steve Geppi
  • Members - Bob Young, Heather Diehl, Sylvia Blair, Becki Maurio
  • Institutional Research resource to all committees - Jean Marriott
  • Assessment resource to all committees - Janet Ohlemacher
Working Committees

Curriculum and Student Achievement
(Executive Team Liaisons - Dr. James Ball and Karen Merkle)

  • Chair - Bob Young
  • Co-chair - Mike Stovall
  • Members - Hugh Warner, Francois Derasse, Sally Long, Don Hoepfer, Carroll student

Learning Environment/Co-Curriculum
(Executive Team Liaisons - Dr. James Ball and Karen Merkle)

  • Chair - Heather Diehl
  • Members - Susan Sies, Terry Sawyer, Julia Hymer, Joel Hoskowitz, Carroll student

Employee Development
(Executive Team Liaison - Alan Schuman)

  • Chair - Sylvia Blair
  • Members - Alan Bogage, Cindy Larrick, Shanelle Hopkins, Sharon Reid, Carol Kolb

Marketing and Outreach
(Executive Team Liaison - Dr. Craig Clagett)

  • Chair - Becki Maurio
  • Members - Candace Edwards, Margo Chaney, Willie Schaefer, Eleni Swengler, Kristie Crumley


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