Student Perspective: Brittany Hill

Brittany HillHigh School: Francis Scott Key High School
Degree: General Studies/Undecided
Transfer/Career Plans: University of Maryland College Park (UMCP)

1. Why did you choose to come to Carroll?
I chose Carroll because of its convenient location and low tuition. I'm able to work and be close enough to attend classes. Its low tuition allows me to take different courses, so I can be more informed about choosing a major.


2. Are there any on campus activities outside of classes?
Very much so! There are at least 20 clubs to join, as well as other fun student activities like trips and even free food!


3. Are you involved with any community organizations? Which ones and how does that affect your college experience?
I am currently involved in the 4-H program. 4-H is a big part of my life; I have an event at least four out of the seven days a week. It's hard trying to manage my love for 4-H and my studies, as well as a social life, but Carroll employees are understanding and willing to work with students.


4. What’s the biggest misconception about Carroll?
To me, the biggest misconception about Carroll is its academic level. In my opinion, not only is Carroll the top community college in the state, it’s one of the best on the east coast.


5. What surprised you most about Carroll?
How many people I actually knew, and how many friends I had made within the first week of class.


6. What was your favorite learning moment at Carroll?
I would have to say my history class with Bob Young. His passion for history and his enthusiasm really made the class fun and enjoyable.


7.) Do you have any advice for high school juniors and seniors as they embark on the college selection process?

Definitely consider Carroll, even if you know your major and the school you want to attend. Carroll just may surprise you.


8.) What are your future plans?
I hope to attend the University of Maryland.

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