Student Perspective: Tyler Cross

Tyler CrossHigh School: Francis Scott Key High School

Degree: Associate of Arts in Teaching

Transfer/Career Plans: Towson University to obtain a bachelor’s degree


1. Why did you choose Carroll?

I chose Carroll because there was no way I could afford a four-year institution right out of high school. Also, both of my parents had taken classes at Carroll, so I was already familiar with what it offered.

2. Are there any on campus activities outside of classes?

There is always something to do at Carroll. I honestly believe I spend more time at events than I do in my actual classes. I am always participating in something, whether it is the campus Brain Freeze, Welcome Back Lunch, movie nights, concerts, and various other events.


3. What’s your favorite apsect about Carroll?

The inviting atmosphere that is created by the faculty and staff. When I first started my classes, I immediately was given some names I could contact if I ever needed any help with anything.

4. What’s the biggest misconception about Carroll?

I believe that the biggest misconception is that it's a place only for students who are not accepted to a four-year institution. Our college is filled with so many different types of students, teachers and subjects that it is impossible to categorize the whole student body. Plus, there are various honors societies, cohorts and competitive admission degree programs.


5. What was your favorite learning moment at Carroll?
My favorite learning moment was when I was able to experience how it feels to be disabled, from my Special Education class. We had to wear socks on our hands and blindfolds to try and put a puzzle together. This was a huge eye-opening lesson, because I could better understand the types of students I could possibly interact with in my career. I found this lesson to be fun and insightful.

6. Describe Carroll students.
Carroll students are of various ages and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Everyone comes from a different walk of life and has different opinions on topics discussed in class. A large portion of students do come right out of high school, however, there are also a lot of adult students who are coming back to get their education.


7. Do you have any advice for high school juniors and seniors as they embark on the college selection process?
They should get involved in something they like. They probably hear this advice a lot, however, it is the truth. They will find that college is much more enjoyable if they do something other than take classes.


8. What are your future plans?
I plan to earn a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education at Towson University. I am still pondering whether or not I will stay there and get my master’s degree.

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