Advanced Leadership Challenge

After completing the Leadership Challenge Program you are eligible to take advantage of another great leadership development opportunity, the Advanced Leadership Challenge.


Advanced Challenge Experiences

As an Advanced Challenger, you will complete these experiences: 


Four LEARN Experiences
Participate in four LEARN experiences!

Continue your leadership development by attending three workshops or conferences and then apply everything you have learned about leadership by leading a workshop! With support from the Student Life Office, you will work with a staff member or fellow
advanced challenger to co-lead a leadership development workshop!


Three LEAD Experiences
Create three connections to campus!

Get involved on campus in three different ways! Take leadership to another level by creating a mentor connection with a faculty or staff member who you look up to as a professional in a career field, a specialist in an academic department or an expert in a skill area that relates to your future goals. After you find a mentor, choose two other ways to be involved at Carroll!


Two SERVE Experiences
Choose two ways to make a difference!

Demonstrate great leadership by working with others to make a difference in this world! Fill a day with service in the community, go on an Alternative Break Trip, produce a global awareness project on campus - the options are endless!


One ENGAGE Experience
Discover more about yourself as a leader!

Leadership development is self development. Therefore, growing as a leader is a journey of self discovery. By using a self-assessment tool to take an in depth look at your leadership behaviors and how you relate to others, you will gain knowledge that allows you to take action and grow as a leader.

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