Starting a New Club

A club or special interest organization may be formed if it coincides with the Carroll's objectives and benefits students. All clubs and organizations recognized by the Student Government Organization (SGO) must be open to all students without regard to sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnic background, national origin, age, disability or religion.

To start a new club, you need the following:

  • At least three members that will act as a temporary steering committee
  • Written constitution
  • Consenting faculty or staff adviser

Complete the Budget Request Form to request funds for the new club/organization. Determine a realistic amount the club/organization may need for its programs. Requests must be itemized including all operational expenses and any projected income. Clubs/organizations may request supplemental funds from the Student Activities Finance Board throughout the academic year. 

The organization shall be officially recognized by a simple majority vote of the SGO Governance Board. 

Forming a Constitution

Once a club/organization has three members and an adviser, it must create a written constitution by which it proposes to govern itself. The constitution is to be revised and resubmitted annually. 


Think of the constitution as a way of defining the club/organization's purpose. This helps both current and potential members to have a better understanding of the club/organization. It also assists with making decisions about the club/organization's direction and function and provides structure and guidelines.


There are several key elements of a constitution. It should state the purpose, officer information and general policies of the group. Although the club/organization may find it beneficial to add more articles, the following offers a good starting point. 

Article I:    Name of the club
Article II:   Purpose  (why has the club been organized?)
Article III:  Organization (affiliations)
Article IV:  Meetings (regular meeting schedule, procedures for conducting business)
Article V:   Officers and Advisor  (titles, qualifications, length of term and duties of officers)
Article VII:  Election of officers (procedures and timing for nominations and elections)
Article VIII: Finances  (procedures for preparing and managing the budget)
Article IX:  Amendments (procedures for amending the constitution)
Article X:   Quorum (what constitutes a quorum to transact business) 



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