Attend New Student Orientation

New students learn tips for balancing home, work and college; meet faculty, staff and other students; discover how to get involved; buy books; locate classes; and get a student ID card. Learn more.

Start Receiving e2Campus Announcements

Learn of school closings, delays and other emergency notices by registering for e2Campus announcements. Time-sensitive information is sent instantly to all registered mobile phones, wireless PDAs, e-mail addresses, Twitter, Facebook and various other RSS newsreaders. Students, faculty and staff may register for this service. Learn more.

Parents – Prepare Your New Student for College

Parents can learn about Carroll's services and resources, recommended credit hours, suggested computer requirements, and career assistance for new students. Learn more.

Get to Know the Library

The Library Orientation helps you learn to use Carroll's library services. The orientation consists of an audio tour of the facility and a tour of its website. You can listen to the audio tour by downloading it to your MP3 player, checking out one of the library's MP3 players or using a QR code reader on your smart phone. Learn more.

Consider Online Learning

If you are thinking of attending college and want the convenience of online instruction, consider Carroll’s online and hybrid courses. Carroll offers many fully online courses and hybrid courses, which combine online with on-campus instruction. Learn more