After You Test

After you have completed your placement testing, you will visit with an adviser to obtain your test results and directions for completing an Online Pre-Advising session, which explains your test results and next steps.

In the Online Pre-Advising session, you will view a PowerPoint presentation, take a quiz, and create a schedule. Following your session, you will meet with an adviser for schedule approval prior to registering. For more information, review the Online Pre-Advising Session's frequently asked questions.

According to Maryland state regulations, test results are valid for two years. If you have not initiated course work within two years, you are required to retest.


In your adviser meeting, after completing your Online Pre-Advising session, your adviser will answer questions and address any concerns you have regarding placement test results. Occasionally, re-testing is requested. You are encouraged to prepare for the tests so that re-testing is not necessary.

One retest per subject is permitted, unless two years lapse before you begin coursework. The fee for retaking the battery of tests is $25. The fee for retaking a single subject test is $10.

Re-testing is not permitted once you begin coursework in a particular subject area, unless you stop out for two or more years. If you stop out, you will be required to re-test. We recommend that once you begin taking math and English courses, you keep continue.

See an adviser for re-test procedure details. Make your retest appointment by calling Admissions at 410-386-8430.

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