Student Workload

Students with 12 billable hours are considered full time, but a standard class load is 15 credit hours. Academic Advisers help students select appropriate classes.

College classes are typically similar in rigor to high school AP classes. Emphasis is usually placed more on tests and research papers than homework. For example, students in a History class may be graded on three tests and two written assignments.

Time management is important, as students need to account for studying, going to class, working, commuting, being with friends, and sleep! For every hour spent in class, students can expect to spend an average of two to three hours outside of class studying, reading, writing papers or working on other class-related work. College is a full time job. Note, too, that sometimes students think working on weekends doesn’t count! If time runs short, it is often the study time that gets short.

Studies show that being employed for more than 20 hours a week significantly impacts grades. The following example accounts for hours spent on work and school within a week.

Time in class   15 hours
Study time       35 hours
Paid work        10 hours
Total hours      60 hours


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