Support Services

Your student may utilize the following services and resources to solve college challenges and enhance his/her experience.

Academic advisors assist students with developing an educational plan that meets individual needs.


Project You
Trained faculty and staff help students set and achieve goals.


Disability Support
The Office of ADA Support Services assists with meeting the needs of students with disabilities. If your student is in need of a service, schedule a pre-admission counseling appointment with a disability staff member as early as possible.


Transferring Assistance
Carroll offers first-year and sophomore-level courses that align with and transfer to most four-year institutions. Given that colleges vary widely in their requirements, students should consult academic advisors to plan a program of study at Carroll that will meet the requirements of the intended major and transfer institution. Students may use ARTSYS and the services of academic advisors to be sure they are choosing the most appropriate courses.


Career Development Center
Students struggling to make appropriate career goals may enroll in Career Development as a Life Process, utilize the Career Development Center’s resources to explore careers and colleges, or make an appointment with the career counselor. Above all, life experiences inform us about how we want to spend our lives. Students may be encouraged to attend lectures, art shows, and to take advantage of enrichment activities.

Once your student identifies a career, he/she can take advantage of the center’s resources and workshops to prepare for employment.


Students experiencing difficulty with a class should first to talk with the instructor during office hours. In addition, free tutoring and help with study skills are available in the Academic Center.

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