Request Accommodations or Services

Follow the steps to receive accommodations/services. Before you can receive accommodations, you must forward written documentation verifying your disability to the Office of ADA Support Services, preferably three weeks prior to the start of a term.

Steps to Request Accommodations/Services
  1. Call 410-386-8329 or visit the Office of ADA Support Services in room A-101 to schedule an appointment with a staff member and discuss the disability and types of reasonable accommodations and services that you may need.
  2. The office prepares a memorandum (Learning Strategies) for each instructor, which specifies the accommodations to be provided as supported by the documentation. You are responsible for giving copies of the memoranda to your instructors as early as possible each term. Office staff is available to assist you and your instructors in implementing accommodations as they relate to specific course requirements.
  3. Throughout the term, disability support staff are available to discuss academic progress/concerns and provide assistance with organization, time management, study and test-taking strategies and reading and writing skills. Additionally, information is offered about other resources (i.e. tutoring, testing and counseling services).
  4. Requests for accommodations must be renewed each term. Contact disability staff for details.
Documentation Requirements
  1. Documentation must be current within the last 3-5 years.The requirement for current documentation does not apply to physical or sensory disabilities of a permanent unchanging nature. 
  2. Documentation must include a complete written evaluation from a physician, psychologist or other qualified specialist.
  3. In most cases, a diagnostic evaluation must have been completed within the last five years. Speak with the Director of Disability Support Services to learn if special circumstances may exist.

The type of documentation required varies with the disability.

  • Learning and cognitive disabilities - requires a psycho-educational report including other supporting evaluations such as the Woodcock Johnson written by a qualified professional 
  • ADHD and psychological disabilities - requires a written report by a psychiatrist or psychologist 
  • Mental and physical disabilities - requires a written report by a physician  

All reports must be written on practitioner letterhead. Diagnostic information must be included in all documentation including a description of the nature and extent of the disability, assessment information on which the diagnosis is based, and recommendations for reasonable accommodations to offset the impact of the disability in the college setting.

Staff will discuss your needs and your documentation with you. Accommodations and services are based on your documentation; therefore, it is important your documentation be complete and up-to-date (within the last five years).

If the documentation is lacking, you will be given the opportunity to provide the needed information. As a courtesy, the college offers a list of agencies and practitioners qualified to conduct assessments. The college does not endorse any agency or practitioner. It is your responsibility to choose an agency/practitioner. All documentation the college receives is confidential and is not shared without your written permission.

The college maintains the right to make the final decisions in regard to reasonable accommodations/learning strategies.

Send documentation to: 

Office of ADA Support Services
Carroll Community College
1601 Washington Road, room A-101
Westminster, MD  21157

You may also deliver your documentation to Joe Tatela, Director of Disability Support Services, in room A-101. Be sure to submit the confidential information in a sealed envelope and include your contact information.

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