Special Opportunities for Students

Phi Theta Kappa and Student Ambassadors
Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the international Honor Society of two-year colleges. PTK was founded on four hallmarks:

  • Fellowship
  • Service
  • Scholarship
  • Leadership

PTK members need a 3.5 grade point average (GPA) or higher and completed at least 12 credits for their chapter's school to be eligible for initial membership. Invitations for membership are sent at the beginning of term. Carroll's chapter of PTK is Alpha Psi Psi.


Time Commitment
You determine your level of involvement in PTK. PTK only requires you to complete the membership application, pay $80 for dues, and once membership is accepted at the 3.5 GPA level, maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to continue membership. Once you've done that, you are eligible to take part in any benefits PTK provides.


Scholarships! Over 36 million dollars are awarded in scholarship money to PTK students each year. Over 600 colleges offer specific PTK scholarships and application fee waivers. Being a PTK member also offers opportunities to network and attend national and regional conferences.


More Information
Visit the national website or contact the Alpha Psi Psi chapter adviser Josiah Guthland in A101.


Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador (SA) program is a student tour guide and hospitality program.

SA's conduct individual and group tours during any promotional college event including open houses and information sessions.

They also participate in panel discussions when middle and high school groups visit the college as well as having the opportunity to visit individual high schools to recruit students along with a professional Admissions Counselor.

Student representation is crucial to prospective students, consequently the Admissions office provides mandatory training.


You must have a very positive attitude about your Carroll experience and be willing to adhere to tour, information session and panel response requirements as outlined by the Admissions office. You are required to remain in good academic standing as defined by Carroll.


Time Commitment
Most events require a one-and-a-half to two-hour time commitment. Events requiring a longer time commitment and training offer additional incentives.


Attendance is required for training and information sessions. You must receive training certification to remain active in the ambassador program. Certificates are provided upon completion of training. 


The SA program is an approved student activity for Leadership Challenge students.

Being an SA looks great in your portfolio when applying for jobs or transfer. Letters of recommendation are provided upon request for graduation/transfer.

Incentive gifts are awarded, on a sliding scale, which are determined by volunteer hours.

The experience itself is very rewarding. The college decision making process can be very overwhelming. If you love being a student at Carroll, share that passion with those trying to make a choice about starting college at Carroll. 

The more time volunteered, the better the incentives, and more rewarding it will be! 


More Information
If you are interested in being a Student Ambassador, contact adviser Kim McShane located in the Admissions office in A101 or by email kmcshane@carrollcc.edu.


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