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Use this Grade Point Average (GPA) calculator to determine what grades you will need to obtain a future desired GPA.

Students often want to predict what grades they need to earn to achieve a certain GPA. You may want to see what grades you need for the dean’s list or to remove yourself from academic probation. Follow the directions below to calculate your future GPA based on your predictions for the next semester.

Select the Number of Classes You Wish to Predict Below

Type the number of your courses in progress this semester and any future courses that you wish to include in the calculation. On the following page, you will enter the grades you think you will obtain.

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Important: If you repeat a course, count only the attempt with the highest grade. Repeating a course and obtaining a higher grade is the most efficient way of raising your GPA.

Select the Number of Classes You Wish to Calculate


If you have questions about calculating your GPA call any adviser on duty at 410-386-8435.  You may also visit Room A102 during our walk-in advising hours Mon-Thurs 9am to 7pm and Fri 9:30am to 4pm.

The Academic Center provides tutoring and workshops for study skills if you are interested in improving your GPA.

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