Adult Student Admissions

Adult students are age 25 or older, have been out of high school for four or more years, and may have children.

Whether you are interested in taking classes for the first time or continuing a degree, Carroll offers flexible learning options that help you meet your educational goals. Carroll offers a variety of daytime, evening and Saturday classes and online and distance learning courses .

Review our degrees and programs to identify an area of study that interests you. Then, complete an enrollment application  and follow these simple steps to apply.

If you need assistance with planning your academic path visit the Admissions Office  during its drop-in day and evening hours. If you have already completed college level courses, bring an unofficial transcript with you, and an admissions professional can assist you with course scheduling. New students are not eligible for online registration.

Carroll provides licensed childcare. For enrollment information, visit the Child Development Center.  

Funding your education can seem overwhelming. Carroll offers students the ability to break their tuition down into monthly installments or you can apply for financial aid.

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