Library - Internet Subject Guides

Subject catalogs, sometimes called subject indexes, directories, guides, or virtual libraries, group Internet resources hierarchically by subjects. By cataloging quality Internet resources, subject catalogs aim to provide a useful list of relevant Internet sites and documents for each subject area. Some subject catalogs rate or rank Internet sites by their usefulness.

Subject Catalog Descriptions

Infomine - Virtual library of Internet sources relevant to college students and faculty.  Please note that results may include items only available to faculty and students of the University of California.

Intute - Searchable directory of Web sites geared towards education and research compiled by a consortium of UK universities.

ipl2 - This site is the result of a merger of the Internet Public Library and the Libararians' Internet Index.

SAILOR - Provides links to Maryland resources as well as numerous topical links selected by Maryland librarians.

WWW Virtual Library - An extensive collection of guides to Internet resources arranged by subject.

Yahoo Directory - Perhaps, the largest and most well known Internet and Web catalog. Includes an extensive hierarchy of subjects and subdivisions.

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