Foundation Board

The Foundation's Board of Directors, all volunteers having strong ties to the community, generously give of their time, talent and resources to support the foundation.

  • Steven Wantz
    Executive Director
  • Kelly W. Hill
  • Brian Holsonbake
    Vice President
  • Annette Danek-Akey
  • Thomas Houck, Jr.


Board Members
  • Dr. Arnold Amass   
  • Trish Carroll
  • J. Andrew Dodge
  • Dr. R. Lorraine Fulton
  • Victoria Campbell Green 
  • Russell J. Grimes
  • Virginia Harrison
  • Bernard Jones, Sr.
  • Janice Kirkner
  • Nancy McCormick 
  • Seth Shipley
  • Jeffrey Sprinkle 
  • Margaret Welliver
  • John Yingling
  • Gerald Zoller


Honorary Directors
  • Miriam Beck 
  • William Gavin 
  • Kenneth Holniker, Esq.  
  • Paula Langmead
  • Dave Roush
  • Dr. Kenneth Shook 
  • Donald Smith


Carroll Community College
  • James D. Ball, Ed.D
  • Mr. Alan Schuman
    Executive Vice President


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