Child Care Professional - School Age Teacher

A school-age teacher works for a child care center providing care and educational experiences for children ages 6 - 14 most often before and after school in public and private institutions. Teachers develop lesson plans, integrate curriculums, teach lessons, establish age-appropriate environments, discipline children, maintain records and interact with parents.


Occupational Requirements
You must be at least age 18 and have a high school diploma or GED®.

Information Unique to the Training

Successful completion of reading and writing placement tests or evidence of successful college coursework is required prior to registration.

Courses to Complete

  • Prerequisites
  • Core Courses
    CCT-101, CCT-434 or CCT-452 Growth and Development in Early Childhood
    CCT-072 or CCT-336 School-Age Child Care Training

Approximate Number of Hours

90 hours

Approximate Training Cost*


Licensure/Certification Earned

None. However, courses meet the state-mandated training for employment in licensed Maryland facilities.

Related Continuing Education Courses

Many other child care courses are offered on a regular basis.

Estimated Hourly Wage**


*Unless noted, cost does not include any required textbooks, applicable licensing fees, background check fees, testing fees, etc.
**Wages are based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and are estimates only.

For information about advancing your career in Early Childhood Education with an A.A.S. or A.A.T. degree, call the Admissions office at 410-386-8430.

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