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Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work - Arts and Sciences Transfer Recommendation

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Associate of Arts

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mike Stovall · Phone: 410-386-8206 · Email:

The Arts and Sciences - Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work program at Carroll Community College provides basic knowledge of human behavior and a foundation for continued study in Sociology, Anthropology, or Social Work. Graduates are suitably prepared to transfer to four-year colleges and universities in Maryland as well as other states. By following this program, students will be well-positioned to transfer to Towson University (Sociology or Anthropology), University of Maryland (Sociology or Anthropology), McDaniel College (Sociology or Social Work), Hood College (Sociology or Social Work), UMBC (Sociology, Anthropology, or Social Work), or Salisbury University (Sociology or Social Work). Students who intend to transfer to McDaniel may take SW2214 for the cost of a Carroll course. Students may also consider a free course at Hood College, SOWK 201. For details about either of these special agreements, see an academic advisor in the Advising and Transfer Center. By using ARTSYS, students can plan a course of study that will transfer seamlessly to an upper division school of choice.

Recommended Program Electives (Any 29 elective credits required for graduation)
 SOC-105  Marriage and the Family  3 credits
 SOC-110  Social Problems  3 credits
 SPAN-101 and
 Elementary Spanish  6 credits
   Refer to ARTSYS and the receiving institution's
 catalog to select transferable courses


Program Electives - Sociology

 PSYC-101  General Psychology  3 credits
 ANTH-101  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  3 credits
 PSYC-210  Human Development Through the Life Span  3 credits
 SOC-120  Introduction to Aging Studies  3 credits
 PSYC-205  Social Psychology  3 credits


Program Electives - Anthropology

 ANTH-101  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  3 credits
 ANTH-201  Anthropology of American Culture  3 credits
 GEOG-105  Human Geography  3 credits
 PHIL-120  World Philosophy  3 credits
 MUSIC-104  World Music  3 credits


Program Electives - Social Work

 PSYC-101  General Psychology  3 credits
 PSYC-210  Human Development Through the Life Span  3 credits
 SOC-120  Introduction to Aging Studies  3 credits
 PSYC-201  Abnormal Psychology  3 credits
 PSYC-235  Introduction to Helping and Counseling Skills  3 credits


General Education Requirements
 Arts and Humanities   6 credits
 Biological and Physical Sciences 
 (BIOL-105, Human Biology, and ENV-100, Enviornmental Science, recommended)
 7 - 8 credits
 Emerging Issues 
 (DVTY-115, Diversity in the US, recommended)
 3 credits
 English Composition and Literature  6 credits
 (MATH-115, Introduction to Statistical Methods,
 3 - 5 credits
 Social and Behavioral Sciences  6 credits

 Total Credits 


Diversity/ World View requirement met (ENGL-102).

The Carroll diploma will specify the degree conferred (i.e. Associate of Arts). Students may take 29 credits from any subject to fulfill Carroll graduation requirements and work toward transfer-college course requirements. Arts and Sciences recommendation program titles (i.e. Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work) will not appear on the Carroll transcript or diploma.

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