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Emergency Medical Services - EMS - Paramedic A.A.S.

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Associate of Applied Science

Advisor: Stacey Bowen · Phone: 410-386-8020 · Email:

This program prepares students to sit for the National Registry for EMT—Paramedic (NREMT-P) licensure exam, which is currently required for practice in most states, including Maryland. This is a selective admission program intended to serve firefighters (paid force or volunteer) in the State who meet minimum requirements and maintain an affiliation with a fire station. The format will allow students statewide to complete non-clinical work at institutions close to home, clinical didactic courses as a hybrid online/on-site lab combinations and clinical affiliation with local emergency services. This is a selective program with the following requirements for acceptance and continued enrollment in the program (see the Selective Admissions information at the beginning of the Catalog for complete information): Current EMT-B certification, Current affiliation with a fire station and Completion of any required transitional work (ENGA-F/ELL-095, MAT-099, READA-F)

* EMS-101, EMS Systems and Rescue Operations, is open to any student who has met the academic and certification requirements for acceptance to the program and has access to turn-out gear. All 100-level courses must be completed prior to any 200-level courses. Other prerequisites may be required. See course descriptions for information. Students must maintain an overall 2.000 GPA and earn a minimum grade of C in all science and clinical courses.

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Pre-clinical Requirements to be completed at Carroll
 SPCH-101  Arts and Humanities  3 credits
   English Composition  3 credits
   Mathematics (MATH-115 Introduction to
 Statistical Methods
, recommended)
 3 - 5 credits
 PSYC-101  Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
Option 1 for Science Completion
Recommended for students with advanced clinical goals.
 BIOL-101  Fundamentals of Biology (If waived for prior learning,
 an additional General Education course
 must be completed.)
 4 credits
 BIOL-210  Human Anatomy and Physiology 1  4 credits
 BIOL-211  Human Anatomy and Physiology 2  4 credits
Option 2 for Science Completion 
 BIOL-105  Human Biology  4 credits
 CHEM-101  Introduction to Chemistry  4 credits
Clinical Requirements
 *EMS-101  EMS Systems and Rescue Operations  3 credits
 EMS-110  Patient Assessment  3 credits
 EMS-120  Pharmacology 1  2 credits
 EMS-130  EMS Management 1   2 credits
 EMS-140  Shock - Trauma  3 credits
 EMS-211  Patient Assessment 2  3 credits
 EMS-221   Pharmacology 2   2 credits
 EMS-231  EMS Management 2  2 credits
 EMS-240   Cardiology  3 credits
 EMS-250  Medical Emergencies 1  3 credits
 EMS-251  Medical Emergencies 2  3 credits
 EMS-260  Special Populations  3 credits
 EMS-270  ALS Clinical Experience 1  4 credits
 EMS-271  ALS Clinical Experience 2  4 credits
 EMS-272  Capstone Clinical  4 credits
   Total Credits   64

Diversity/ World View requirement met (EMS-260).


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