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Law Enforcement

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Associate of Applied Science

Faculty Advisor: Bill Bergan · Phone: 410-386-8211 · Email:

This program is designed for current or former police officers who have completed a police academy approved by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission. Admission by permission of the faculty advisor only. A maximum of 30 credits may be articulated with the approval of the Discipline Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Program. Completion of this A.A.S. Degree is also intended to enhance the promotion and supervision opportunities of an in-service police officer.


Program Requirements
 CRIM-106  Law Enforcement and the Community  3 credits
 CRIM-110  Criminal Law  3 credits
 CRIM-111  Criminal Evidence and Procedure  3 credits
 CRIM-114 or
 Constitutional Law for Police or
 Constitutional Law 
 3 credits
Program Electives (Select 27 credits from the courses below)
 CRIM-102  Introduction to Corrections  3 credits 
 CRIM-104  First Responder  3 credits
 CRIM-105  Criminology  3 credits
 CRIM-115  Civil Rights and Liberties in Criminal Justice  3 credits
 CRIM-120  Juvenile Justice  3 credits
 CRIM-130  Introduction to Homeland Security  3 credits
 CRIM-203  Written Communication for Police  3 credits
 CRIM-205  Criminal Justice Ethics  3 credits
 CRIM-215  Patrol Operations  3 credits
 CRIM-220  Basic Criminal Investigation  3 credits
 CRIM-225  Motor Vehicle Collision Investigation  3 credits
 CRIM-230  Police Administration  3 credits
 CRIM-299  Internship 1  3 credits
 LEA-101  Emergency Vehicle Operations  3 credits
 LEA-102  Defensive Tactics  5 credits
 LEA-103  Police Arsenal and Procedures  3 credits
 POLS-101  American Government  3 credits
 SOC-101  Introduction to Sociology  3 credits
General Education Requirements
 Arts and Humanities 
 (PHIL-105, Ethics, and 
 SPCH-101, Fundamentals of Public Speaking,
 6 credits
 Biological and Physical Science 
 (CRIM-201, Forensic Science, recommended)
 3 - 4 credits
 English Composition and Literature  3 credits
 Mathematics  3 - 5 credits
 Social and Behavioral Sciences 
 (CRIM-101, Introduction to Criminal Justice, and
 SOC-110, Social Problems, recommended)
 6 credits
 Total Credits   60

Diversity/ World View requirement met (CRIM-106).

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