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Health Information Technology

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Associate of Applied Science

Faculty Advisor: Anne Marani · Phone: 410-386-8265 · Email:

The Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology is designed to prepare students for employment as health information technicians in hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory care facilities, physician offices, home health agencies and other facilities which create and/or evaluate health records. This program of study is designed to combine general education and specialized courses to meet employment requirements in Health Information Technology. Students are expected to complete a core of General Education requirements in addition to the program requirements.

All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C.


Program Requirements/Recommended Course Sequence
 BIOL-105  Biological and Physical Science  4 credits
 CIS-101  Introduction to Computer Information Systems  3 credits
 HIT-111   Medical Terminology  3 credits
 HIT-112  Healthcare Data Content and Structure  3 credits
 HIT-115  Pathophysiology and Pharmacology  4 credits
 HIT-121   Basic Diagnostic Coding  3 credits
 HIT-122  Basic Procedure Coding  3 credits
 HIT-201  Computer Applications in Healthcare  3 credits
 HIT-222  Advanced Coding Concepts  6 credits
 HIT-225  Healthcare Delivery Systems  3 credits
 HIT-223  Reimbursement Methodologies  3 credits
 HIT-270  Professional Practice in Health Information
 1 credit

General Education Requirements:
 Arts and Humanities  3 credits
 English Composition and Literature  6 credits
 Emerging Issues 
 (HLTH-101, The Science and Theory of Health and
, recommended)
 3 credits
 (MATH-115, Introduction to Statistical Methods
 3 - 5 credits
 Social and Behavioral Science  3 credits
 Social and Behavioral Science or 
 Arts and Humanities
 3 credits
 Total Credits   60
Diversity/ World View requirement met (ENGL-102).

Mid-Maryland Allied Healthcare Education Consortium: degree awarded by Carroll Community College.

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